Valentine's Day is for at least 3 kinds of love!

What is that Galette des rois about?!

It is true, French people get really excited about this treat!   But you have to understand: it is REALLY GOOD and y...

Little cake, big effect.

Enter the world of individual cakes! Whatever the occasion, when everyone can come to the party & have their own ...

Local & organic is common sense.

We are the real thing. We know where everything we use comes from and it is usually produced fairly locally!

Fun fact: Our top 5 items!

Top five from Yann Haute Patisserie, are they you favorites too? A compilation of our best sellers and a brief descri...

Les Relais what?

A French chef in the prairies! Yann Blanchard joined a prestigious French association of amazing pastry chefs ca...

Why can you see packages & paper planes in the shop this summer?

"Never lose your sense of wonder!" A little bit on our summer decor in the shop.

L'art de la table

The art of dressing a table, serving people and what to do with our utensils! It is not as complicated as it sounds a...

A little History of the Yellow House

A little History of the Yellow House It did not always look this good! A brief post about the stages to get it to wha...

Macaron, why are you gluten-free?

A little treat with a big secret! Ever wondered why our macarons were gluten-free? Find the answer!

Oh baby! What ARE you?

And it's a ... delicious! ;) We love having fun around the wonderful news of having a baby... with our desserts. Wh...

It’s Spring & it is cute-o-clock + A unique giveaway!

It’s Spring & it is cute-o-clock + A unique giveaway! It all started with an Instagram account with ‘someone’ mak...

Eat flowers, enjoy Lavender!

Make sure you eat your flowers! Lavender is part of people's life in the South of France. It is used everywhere! Th...
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