How do I cut my APRES cake?

How do I cut my APRES cake?

Thank you for getting an APRES cake from us!

Get a container with hot water, a knife and cloth.

Rewove your silly & clumsy Santa and place him on a plate.


APRES cake from the 2023 collection at Yann Haute Patisserie

Warm up the knife in the hot water, wipe the water off with the wipe and start cutting your cake.

Take your your time, you have waited this long for this holiday!

 Pastry chef Yann Blanchard explains how to cut your APRES cake from the holiday collection 2023

Cut right in the middle of the cake to start with:

Cut your halves in two for 4 large slices or in three if you have 6 people or if you are just more hungry.

Create your own nice reveal, ooh la la !

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