About us!


“My father’s precious legacy is to have transferred the love of his craft to me and baking (la patisserie) remains my biggest passion.” - Yann 

Chef Yann Blanchard got his passion for all things pastry while working in his parents’ bakery [France] starting at a young age. After successfully studying in Paris before gaining international experience, he finally settled in Calgary. Although he enjoyed being an executive chef for a club or for the Fairmont Palliser, he dreamt of more creative freedom.

“Creating lasting memories with each bite!” -Yann

Yann Haute Patisserie opened in 2009 and is still a growing company now also an exclusive member of the prestigious Relais Desserts Association*.

Some of the lovely people taking care of customers at Yann Haute Patisserie, creating authentic French desserts in Calgary since 2009!

Our team is consistently around 10 wonderful people with a mix of full-time and part time positions. There is a “sales” team taking care of customer related tasks and a “kitchen” team busy creating and making all our wonderful products.

Marcel le macaron actually lives in the big Yellow house and is a huge part of Yann Haute Patisserie giving so many high “fives” and happy smiles! Who can resist this cuteness?

How cute is our Marcel le Macaron? He loves giving high fives and smiles to all our happy customers!

 Our Values

“Core values are understood when experienced. That is why it is important that our Team embodies them everyday , from the completion of each product and tasks all the way to customer service.” - Yann

No compromise on quality. We work with ethical, organic, local (when possible), traceable and all natural ingredients & suppliers. Always.

Our true craftsmanship comes through the attention to details given to our products and service & ever so healthy creativity.

We love what we do, and our customer service reflects the company culture at Yann’s with big smiles on top!

Promoting an inclusive, respectful, and safe environment where the Team works hard and keeps it fun!


“My father’s precious legacy is to have transferred the love of his craft to me and baking (la patisserie) remains my biggest passion.” - Yann

Bigger picture: We recycle, compost, use mostly cardboard packaging that is printed in Canada with water-based colours (compostable), use all natural food colourings, and more!

Mais oui, it is a house!

Before and after the yellow & happy pastries transformation! Yann Haute Patisserie French desserts in Calgary.

This house was built in or around 1912. After being a family house then separated in units, it was left unoccupied. Chef Yann Blanchard first met with the owners of the house in 2006 who loved the idea of a little pastry shop. They were incredibly patient and generous during the long three years it took to obtain all the permits and renovations!

 Yann Haute Patisserie was finally able to open its doors for the first time on December 24th, 2009, and the rest is pastry History!

The yellow house in the prairies for authentic French desserts at Yann Haute Patisserie your bakery for the best cakes, macarons, croissant, bread and more! 329, 23rd Ave SW Calgary, Alberta
Relais Desserts – Association internationale qui promeut la Haute  Pâtisserie.

“I take my commitment to professional growth very seriously as I get to share knowledge, experiences & passion with the group of like-minded chefs from the Relais Desserts Association.”  – Yann

* "Relais Desserts" gets the pastry elite together to share their knowledge and values, to pass on this art to the next generations. With solidarity at its core, everyone shares their passion for their craft with excellence, focus on details, openness, respect and sincerity. 

Chosen by their piers to enter this exclusive association, pastry chef Yann Blanchard was welcomed in 2017.