A little salmon treat that you will never forget! Croissant, salmon & pecans for the best lunch ever! Yann Haute Patisserie, French bakery in Calgary
Savoury viennoiserie of the month -MAY!
Savoury viennoiserie of the month -MAY!
Yann Haute Patisserie ltd.

Savoury viennoiserie of the month -MAY!

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A savoury option to shake things up a little! Looking for an easy lunch or decadent snack? We may just have what you need! 

Description: Béchamel, goat cheese, native salmon in a homemade croissant with candied pecans.

Other ingredients: Cayenne pepper, white pepper, salt, onions, maple syrup, pecans

Available all month, but only from May 1st to 31st - Do not miss out!