Les Macaron boxes

Macarons are slightly addictive delicious & flavourful gluten free bites.
They are a lovely choice for any occasion! From birthdays, weddings, book clubs, showers, graduations, anniversaries or just to take them to the movies, they adapt to everyone!
There is a box of macaron waiting for you. Which one will you fancy today?

Hand crafted by our chefs with the best ingredients, they are gluten free and almost guilt free

If you visit the shop you will have access to individual macarons $2.05/each as it is alright to get just the one!
Box of 8 macarons – $16, 12 macarons – $24, 24 macarons – $44.50 or macarons – $66.70
[Our packaging is ‘non plastic’ as much as possible & we encourage our customer to use a re-usable bag when visiting the shop]

You can keep macarons for up to four days in the refrigerator and they are best eaten at room temperature.

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