Fun fact: Our top 5 items!

Fun fact: Our top 5 items!

What do you think they are? Any ideas?


The top five items from Yann Haute Patiserie, Calgary
This is a compilation of our data over the last few months to account for 2018 up until now! Thank goodness we have a software in our till doing that for us, otherwise it would be rather tedious.


Macarons from Yann Haute Patisserie, still going strong after almost 9 years!


You may have guessed, macarons are still our winner. We have made hundreds of thousands over the almost 9 years we have been open. It is such a fun little [gluten-free] treat with flavours & colours we can play with! Not easy to make, these tricky treats are still going strong!


Baguette and bread from Yann Haute Patisserie are a people's favorite, sometimes they even say it's the best!


A surprising second is ze baguette! Created by Yann & Yann’s father the month we opened to withstand Calgary’s very dry weather. This bread is made out only 5 ingredients, but they work magic!
Flour, water, yeast, salt and a little sourdough make the perfect bread to go from sweet jam in the morning to savory soup at night!


Hand made croissants by pastry chef Yann Blanchard and his team at Yann Haute Patisserie in the yellow house in calgary


Number 3 is our house-made croissant. It is hard to believe that it takes days to make a croissant!
The dough must be made, then folded a few times with butter with wait times in the cold, then the dough needs to be cut in little triangles, weighted, rolled up (harder than it sounds) and placed on a tray. It will take all night for our croissants to rise before receiving their egg wash (for colour) and being baked. Quite the process!


Almond croissants for breakfast and for dessert!


Next up is the almond croissant. It has been a popular treat since the beginning and will probably stay on our list for years to come! The secret to this treat is to take one of our beautiful croissants, cut it open and add some almond cream inside and on top.
Simple is good.


Pain au chocolat is the best treat for breakfast!


5 is for chocolat! The pain au chocolat is for those who enjoy croissant dough with a touch of chocolate! Same process to make the dough than above but this time it will be cut in rectangle and rolled with two chocolate sticks.
All this work… and some of you eat them in under a minute!


Thank you everyone for your continued support, you help promote artisanal pastry and smiles from sweets!


Relais dessert bakery in Calgary with chef Yann Blanchard making your bread

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