Oh baby! What ARE you?

Oh baby! What ARE you?

It’s a… baby!

Biological gender reveal parties are all the rage right now. One can 'Pinterest' hundreds of creative ideas on how to announce the colour. Some are with objects like balloons, confetti or baby clothing but others are with food. This is the kind we love best! Now, we are not talking about eating and guessing baby food, this is about full, grown-up flavours.

Playing with your food is absolutely okay in this context, especially before you have to share with the child.

Having fun with your food and your friends with Yann Haute Patisserie delicious desserts!

For this party, we chose a dominant of white with yellow and light green accents. It makes for a classic and classy party fit to please everyone.

We chose a croquembouche for the occasion as it is a very special French traditional cake that one does not eat very often, unless there is a special occasion like a wedding, or a baby!

Gender reveal or baby shower, best treats from this bakery in Calgary!

What is very neat with the little choux, apart from being adorable, is that they are practical to share with individuals who may not want cake but will not mind a “bite” of the creation for the occasion. Moreover, each bite protects the surprise and one will only know the colour after directly biting and looking preserving the secret even that much longer!

Are you ready to know?

Croquembouche for any occasion with Yann Blanchard's creations

Our beautiful mom to be was expecting a baby girl, delicious strawberry to colour the cream it is!

Being creative (before you are sleep deprived) with events like baby showers & gender reveals is a must, totally fun and simply delicious!

 Baby showers and gendre reveal in Calgary can be Parisian chic with Yann Haute Patisserie!

The best desserts in Calgary!


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