Macaron, why are you gluten-free?

Macaron, why are you gluten-free?

This post is not to explain the difference between a macaroon (coconut swirl) and macarons, but more about what makes a macaron.

We are often asked if our macarons are gluten free and the answer is yes. Not because we made them so, but because they are by default!

The ingredients for the shells are: almond flour, egg whites & sugar. Some ingredients can be added for flavouring or colouring like coffee extract (we use Trablit) for brown colours or coconut for our coconut & chocolate macarons.

Simple ingredients like almonds & egg whites for macarons

It really is that simple. If the filling is a ganache, there is no need for flour at all.

Another question that some customers have asked is about nuts. Nut-free macarons would be rather impossible or just a complete different treat all together!

Around 20 flavours of macarons every day!

The good news is that dairy-free macarons are a possibility! We try our very best to always have at least one kind in our display at all time. 


Next time you need a fun & delicious gluten-free treat you can think macarons!


PS: keep making them at home as well! If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our chef by sending him a message @yann_blanchard_yhp



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