Little cake, big effect.

Little cake, big effect.

One large wedding cake (or any party cake!) is not the only option!

Enter the world of individual cakes sure to please everyone.
The best part: no one has to share!
A little cake from Yann Haute Patisserie could be the answer to your best sweet dreams!
We have seen the trend of moving away from traditional north American tiered cakes in the last few years. From macaron towers to croquembouche or full dessert tables, the choice is definitely there!
Small cakes by Yann Blanchard found at Yann Haute Patisserie may be the best option for your party!
Yet, let’s explore the pretty world of individual pastries served to all one’s guests and why it can be a good idea:

There is no mess: larger cakes can end up looking a little more crumb than amazing than we would like.

One for all but not necessarily all for one: you can modify easily to accommodate all guests with allergies or food preferences. Everyone can have cake and be happy!

Cutting ceremony: many couples opt for a small cake to cut for the picture anyway so they can definitely play with theirs and still share the fun with everyone else.

Not more expensive: in our shop for example, the price is based per person and it would be lower for individual cakes than for a fondant covered tiered cake.

Individual cakes from Yann Haute Patisserie in Calgary
Little cakes are definitely a great option for wedding or showers… or birthdays; For any event big or small that calls for delicious, beautiful & practical desserts!
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