Relais Dessert pastry chef Yann Blanchard from Berlingo and Yann Haute Patisserie in Calgary.

Les Relais what?

As you may have heard earlier this year, Yann Blanchard joined a prestigious French association of amazing pastry chefs called “Relais Desserts”.

Relais dessert bakery in Calgary with chef Yann Blanchard

 For more than 35 years, Relais Desserts brings together the world elite of French pastry.

What it means is that your very own Calgary chef is part of the world elite’s!

 Relais dessert bakery in Calgary with chef Yann Blanchard, pastry wold elite at your door step


To be part of the Relais Desserts association, your peers must welcome you pending a few conditions. Some are: impeccable cleanliness, professional staff, creative & well executed products made of quality ingredients. The chef now has access to a group of innovative professionals with seminars twice a year to push and keep Yann Haute Patisserie at its best possible.


Relais desserts team brings the best professionals together, even from Calgary!


Being part of Relais Desserts is to share common values:

  • Passion for the profession
  • Constant excellence
  • Quality in all aspects, always
  • Being detail oriented
  • Being open minded and to others
  • Mutual respect
  • Being sincere and genuine
  • To not stop questioning oneself and stay humble

Chocolate piece from Yann Blanchard for the Relais Desserts 2018


Frédéric Cassel, President: “Searching for excellence is a dynamic movement, a flair which allows to push oneself and be better. It is at the heart of our creative methods, in our search for innovations for products and techniques and is reflected in the standing of our shops and kitchens.”


Cakes and macarons from Yann Blanchard at Yann Haute Patisserie Relais Desserts pastry shop in Calgary

Being part of the Relais Desserts association means that Yann Blanchard has made a promise to you and to his pastry shop. Expect Yann Haute Patisserie to do its best to bring you the joy of sweets and the passion for flavours & textures as well as to keep you interested and on top of world trends.


Thank you for reading & being part of this amazing pastry journey!


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