Inspirati with Yann Haute Patisserie for the best cake presentation in Calgary!

L'art de la table

The art of dressing a table, serving people and what to do with our utensils!

The first rule on how to set a table up whether for a reception or for everyday gatherings is to make it as easy as possible for your guests. Easy right? So why so many forks?!

Lucky for you, we are only looking at desserts! But first, where does this all come from?

 It took many centuries to come to the way we eat today! New blog post - Yann Haute Patisserie

In France, 10 000 years ago, when agriculture starts to become predominant, individuals work collectively to prepare and consume meals, bringing more social cohesion. After that, in Antiquity & Roman times fine plates and linens are part of meals but many lose the community side being served by maids. There is still no formal “eating at a table” yet!

In middle-ages we stop eating laying down and start sitting down. Few table plates and spoons are used, but table manners are not here yet and most eat with their fingers and wipe themselves on the table cloth.

From the Renaissance to the 19th century, l’art de la table keeps being more modern and with proper rules. The fork is finally invented and evolves from having 2 teeth to 3 and then 4. French table setting & manners travel to all of Europe.

Back to today and what to do with our lovely cakes!

Inspirati & Yann Haute Patisserie for the best table accessories and cakes in Calgary!

The fork will be placed on the left as we can assume most guests are right handed and will use the knife in their right hand.

In France, dessert spoons go between the plate and the glass, head to the left. The squarish and flatter spoon is for ice cream and sorbets as the other spoon is for regular desserts.

For a service called “American style”, you will present the dessert already on the plate for each attendee, coming from the right. If it is to be “French style”, then the cakes would be on the table and the host would then serve. This is a way for the host to spend more time with their invitees! In all cases, the plate is taken away always from the right and polite guests will have placed their utensils on the plate at a 5 to 5pm position!

Inspirati & Yann Haute Patisserie for the best table wear and cakes in Calgary

Now you know what to do!
Have a wonderful summer, good luck & make sure to have fun too!

We went to Inspirati for all these pretty table accessories:

Sabre - Pineapple Demispoon & Teaspoon - Old Fashioned Cake Fork - Charm Cake Fork
Vista Alegre Porcelain - Spirt collection - Solid White - Desert plate, Salad plate, Dinner plate
Carrara Collection - Black & White Triangle - Desert plate
Christian Lacroix Porcelain - Butterfly Parade Collection - Butterfly details - Desert plate
- Love Who You Want Collection - Jungle Animal -  Coasters set of 4 Tiger, Harlequin, Football Player - Dona Giraffe -
Le Jacquard Francais - Tea towel - Kyoto color Sun [ We just love yellow so much! ]


Thank you so much for letting us invade the store with our treats! You are wonderful neighbours.

A lovely cake by Yann Blanchard in Calgary along with beautiful plates from Inspirati! Bon appetit!

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