It’s Spring & it is cute-o-clock + A unique giveaway!

It’s Spring & it is cute-o-clock + A unique giveaway!

It all started with an Instagram account with ‘someone’ making little cakes as jewelry. OUR cakes! Now, we can get flattered just like anyone else, so it peeked our interest!

The best jewerly cakes in Calgary!

Fast forward a few months and meet Bridget! She is the one behind Create That, Charms & Gifts and the creator of the mini-me cakes from Yann.

A TV reporter for 15 years, she always had a passion for jewelry and happened to be a sculptor since a young age. After adjusting her career, she was finally able to reunite her passions for jewelry and desserts & coffee. Using Cernit polymer clay [a professional grade clay] she creates wearable miniatures of sweet foods & beverages.

Now, the passion for macarons? It all started right at the airport in Paris where she discovered Laduree. That is all it took to get Bridget hooked. So much so, coming back to Calgary, it was a number one mission to find more macarons. This is how she found Yann Haute Patisserie and how she became so passionate about our desserts!

Create That charms and gift for Yann Haute Patisserie!

And when we say that Bridget is enthusiastic we mean it! She created an amazing piece of art; It took between 4 to 5 hours to make each cake! If that is not a work of love, we would not know what is. And lucky you, you can win this very unique bracelet by entering the giveaway.

The reason why Bridget and Yann’s team clicked? We are all genuinely interested in making people happy. Making delicious cakes or creating cute and yummy jewelry is just working toward the same mission: putting smiles on people’s faces.

The best jewerly cakes in Calgary!

YHP exclusive colours & chain detail with the little hearts!


Find some unique YHP jewelry in our shop & follow her page know where else to find Bridget’s creations.

Macarons to eat and to wear, right here in Calgary. Perfect combo!

Note: This is not a sponsored post, just two businesses happily working together!


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