Eat flowers, enjoy Lavender!

Eat flowers, enjoy Lavender!

Hummm… breathe in, that smell!

It is one that will always bring me back to my childhood. It was used for just about everything!

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties & lavender oil is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties (use it on bug bites in summer).

Little bags of the buds, that you squish once in a while so the oil gets free, will help your closet with a fresh sent, and moths do not like it at all!

Many uses of lavender and one is in our macarons! Yann Haute Patisserie, French pastry shop with the best macarons in Calgary!

Back to our shop where you may have seen and even tasted our lavender and apricot macaron. It is lightly flavoured and brings the best of this flower without it being too strong. Not like bad pot-pourri strong, do not worry!

The lavender we use is from the south of Drome in France, at the end of the alps and the beginning of Provence. It is beautiful, and yes, it does look like the postcard with the rows of purple flowers and this unique bright light.

Did you know? What you call ‘lavender’ might not be the pure kind? Lavandin species are a cross between the lavender and spike lavender varieties and are quite popular (it grows to make a lot of flowers) and wonderful for cleaning supplies and other uses. Lavender is what will give you the best flavour and medicinal properties.

Lavender macarons, for the flavour and the benefits!

For our macarons, we steep the lavender buds in the cream before making our ganache.


Make sure children try it some time so they are exposed to floral flavours which are not all that common in Calgary cuisine!

Yann Haute Patisserie, Authentic French bakery and pastry shop in Calgary for the best macarons, cakes, croissants, bread, chocolates and more!

Ps: Have you ever tried lavender honey or lavender tea?

Lavender honey, for the flavour and the benefits!

Lavender tea from Buis les baronnies!


Most photos by Ochoa Photography

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