Macarons, croissants & cakes and other pastries in this French dessert bakery at Yann Haute Patisserie, 329 23 avenue southwest, Calgary
Macarons box of 8
Macarons box of 8
Yann Haute Patisserie ltd.

Macarons box of 8

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8 beautiful macarons for the perfect little gift!

Our permanent collection: Blackcurrant/violet, Chocolate 70%, Hazelnut, Pistachio, Rasp/rose/lychee, Salted caramel, Lemon, Strawberry/vanilla + our SPRING FLAVOURS: Carrot cake + Grapefruit + Edamame/Blood orange + Nanaimo

Each box is $16/each

For more custom boxes, please contact us as we will delighted to help you.

If you visit the shop you will have access to individual macarons $2.05/each as it is alright to get just the one!

12 macarons – $24, 24 macarons – $44.50 or 36 macarons – $66.70

[Our packaging is ‘non plastic’ as much as possible & we encourage our customer to use a re-usable bag when visiting the shop]