Chef Yann Blanchard is crafting the best French pastries in Calgary at Yann Haute Patisserie, Relais Desserts bakery in Calgary.
Making macarons from the best ingredients since 2009 in Calgary! Yann Haute Patisserie, French Bakery with cakes, croissants & bread.
Love & Care Package: THE HUG!
The perfect layers of buttery goodness in croissants from Yann Haute Patisserie authentic French bakery!
Love & Care Package: THE HUG!
The frozen convenience of fresh bread any time hand crafted in Yann Haute Patisserie , authentic French bakery also known for desserts, cakes, macarons & croissants!
Yann Haute Patisserie ltd.

Love & Care Package: THE HUG!

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Perfect for clients, friends, parents or to treat yourself!
Sending some "Yann-love" to spread the goodness of the memorable little moments shared with family or friends [ and that buttery smell! ]

Our colourful & flavourful products will brighten anyone's day and the "frozen to over" treats are very simple to bake in 20 minutes any time it is needed!

THE HUG: (perfect for great 4 people)

  • One packages of frozen four demi-baguettes
  • One package of six frozen butter croissants 
  • One package of six frozen butter pain au chocolat
  • One Tub of our homemade exotic chilled dessert
  • A box of twelve macarons

        Our bags come with the instructions to bake the products, no worries! 

        Reusable & eco-friendly bags will make holding our frozen products easy + give a great deal!

        DEAL! Purchase our bag and bring it every time you come back for more of our "frozen-to-oven" products to get 10% off ! [frozen croissants, pain au chocolat, demi-baguettes, sausages, brioches or apple turnover ]

        Macarons, croissants and bread from Yann Haute Patisserie, authentic French bakery in Calgary!

        Looking for a package with a little less or a little more? We have two other options:

          THE CUDDLE: (perfect for two people) -55

          THE GROUP HUG: (perfect for 6 people) - 95