Macaron box of 36

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Mother's Day weekend was very intense and we cannot keep up with the demand will our smaller team! THANK YOU so much for supporting us, it means a lot to us. We are busy baking more macarons to make them available again as soon as possible!


When you want to make sure to have enough to g'eat'ft [ the act of gifting treats to enjoy! ] Your choice of 3 unique creations.

The flavours will be picked from: Hazelnut, blackcurrant/Violet, Raspberry/rose/Lychee, Nanaimo, Lemon/Basil, Salted Caramel, Cafe au lait, Pistachio, London Fog, Red Velvet & Chai/Blueberry.

"THE CLASSIC" box will have all our most popular flavours. The perfect mix for macarons lovers!

"SEASONAL SURPRISES" box contains all our seasonal, new and/or more daring flavours. This is the box that will please macaron connoisseurs who like to be surprised!

Each box is 66.70$/each

For more custom boxes, please contact us as we will delighted to help you.

If you visit the shop you will have access to individual macarons $2.05/each as it is alright to get just the one!

Box of 8 macarons – $16, 12 macarons – $24, 24 macarons – $44.50 or macarons – $66.70

[Our packaging is ‘non plastic’ as much as possible & we encourage our customer to use a re-usable bag when visiting the shop]