Galettes des rois - Kings' Cakes 2020

Galettes are only available during the month of january so make sure you order now!

What are they: Amazing puff pastry with almond cream.

Everything is made in the shop by our chefs!

Celebrating the religious day of Epiphany on January 6th! (Three kings' visit to baby Jesus) The term itself means "apparition" in Greek.


Traditionally, the oldest person cuts the galette in as many pieces as there are guests, plus one.

This slice is for the 'poor', or stranger who might happen to stop by

(also called God and the Virgin's share).

The youngest, (usually a child) would go under the table. The older person would then pick up a slice and ask: "Who is this for?" and the youngest would reply with a name from the guests around the table. This process goes on until all slices have been very fairly distributed!

The king or the queen is the person who finds the 'féve' in their slice!

They are royalty all day and can opt out of doing chores, or anything fun that friends or family decide! In offices, they can be the ones to buy the next galette!

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