FROZEN - Galette des Rois - Kings Cakes

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Available all January! 

The same great quality with the convenience of home baking and the smell that is the first part of the whole experience!

Delicious puff pastry with almond cream made in our shop by our chefs and packaged in a freezer safe sealed bag!

They come with our adorable macaron ceramic feve (do not bite it!) & the traditional gold paper crown.

Galettes come in the 6ppl size but you can eat it all and be the Queen/King too!


Set up your oven to 330F

Once the oven has reached 330F, place the frozen beautiful product on a pan and then in the oven.

It will take between 45 & 65 minutes depending on the size of your galette. It should look golden brown as much on the top as it is on the bottom of your galette.