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Let’s be honest. We have a problem.

Coming from France, it was always evident for chef Yann that our ingredients were REAL. It was never a selling argument as we just assumed everyone would know!

Turns out, it is not the case. Many places in North America use fake, processed or lesser quality ingredients.

Rest assured that we DO NOT. We know where everything we use comes from and it is usually produced fairly locally!


This is our staff visiting the organic milk farms:

Yann Haute Patisserie team visiting your cows! Organic milk for our products.

Eggs, pork are also from just outside the city. The animals are treated well and not given antibiotics.

 Meet your cows:

Alberta milk & pork for Yann Haute Patisserie. Only the best ingredients.

We deal with Galimax. See the list of their producers here: list!

In the end, it means that for example, our sausage roll is created with real Alberta meat rolled up in puff pastry made by our Team. Every single product in our shop is carefully crafted.


Chef Yann Blanchard only works with the best ingredients

If we cannot provide organic, we provide the next best thing; like with the flour which is not organic (quality/cost problems) but does not come from Monsanto seeds.

Of course, it is the same for Yann Haute Patisserie's baby: BERLINGO where all ice cream is made from scratch with real fruits/ingredients & organic milk [along with dairy-free options as well].


Chef Yann Blanchard only works with the best ingredients for our creations!

If you ever have any questions about what happens behind the scenes, please let us know! We have nothing to hide!



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