The sales team at Yann Haute Patisserie, yes, we do get along! As you can tell from this picture, we are happy to work together!

Behind the scenes, how early do they start?

Customers often ask how early the sales team has to wake up but they are the lucky ones!

Our “Happy Pastries Customer Service” team is currently made of three full time & two part-time. They start at 10am and are done around 6pm. Apart from being awesome with customers in the shop, they also take care of phone calls, emails, shop set-up, packing orders (for the shop & delivery), cleaning, making chocolate/marshmallow bags, building boxes & fulfilling online orders! Not a moment to spare.

Yes, we do all get along!

When Covid started and flipped our shop upside down with deliveries and more online orders, we had to reduce our hours to 11am to 5pm to make sure all was ready in the morning and we had time to clean even more at night. The behind the scenes became extremely important!

We now have a wonderful driver, delivering your goodies in our newly acquired van who starts between 10 /10:30am. She also helps packing and organizing all your orders.

Our Yann-van for all your orders to be delivered!

Now on to our kitchens: We have six full-time team members starting from 5am to 8am. Depending on your orders, it may even be earlier. They must be morning individuals! All together they have about 40 different products to make for the boutique (to be set up in the shop) every day.

All team members in the kitchen work hard every day to create all the lovely treats for the shop!

One person is in our macaron kitchen and starts at 6am to make sure we have all 12 to 14 kinds of macarons available in our shop all day every day!


Now you know a little more about what happens in the rest of the yellow house. Thank you for being a customer, you truly help make this “Yann-machine” run!

 Marcel le Macaron with our chef Yann!

Of course, we cannot forget Marcel le Macaron with his big smile, a huge part of our team!


PS: Some customers ask the sales team if they also do the baking... no, they really could not! (nor would you want them to!) ;)
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