Yann Haute Patisserie Cakes


Our cakes are made with all real ingredients and craftsmanship
Mixing textures, flavours & colours, they will definitely give you an enjoyable culinary experience.
Our new menu is now available! Choose from our Regal, Caranougat, wild Vanilla, Citroos or Scarlet Pistachio cakes.



Individual Cakes

We always have a selection available in our store.
From a little treat to a larger party, it allows our customers to choose different flavours and textures and enjoy them all!
Cakes change depending on our chefs' creations, special holidays/events and seasonal products.
Price - $7.25/each

Yann Haute Patisserie Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is a truly important part of such an event!  We strive to create what you envision combined with what you need (from our expertise). Our Chef will be able to design the perfect treat for you: may it be a traditional wedding cake, a croquembouche; a macaron tower or sweet table, as there is always a solution within your budget and with desired look.

Choose from our custom cake flavours above or customize with these Alternate fillings: Pistachio ganache, raspberry ganache, salted butter caramel cream & apple, fleur de sel caramel ganache, chocolate ganache, hazelnut cream or Irish coffee ganache

We start with 10 dollars per person base price.


Yann Haute Patisserie Macaron Cakes

Macaron Cakes

Macaron cakes are a beautiful way to go gluten free for everyone with a cake they will all enjoy!

Collections change depending on the season. Our current menu offers a choice of:

MACARON OF THE MONTH! (Click on individual picture for more information)

Chocolate Brownies (Click on individual picture for more information)

Raspberry Rose Lychee (Click on individual picture for more information)

Sizes & prices:

4 people: $28

6 people: $36

8 people: $48

10 people: $60

Gluten free - Contains dairy, almonds/pistachio & egg

Order 48 hours in advance