Our Patisserie

Some of the little things we value:

Yes, it is all real!

Real ingredients used by real professionals.

We use BPA free receipt paper, flour that does NOT come from Monsanto seeds, compost and recycle, provide cardboard/ paper packaging as much as possible, Bake only with real ingredients with no preservatives, additives or artificial flavours, fair price (quality ingredients – Craftsmanship)

Thank you to all our customers for trusting our ingredients, quality & values!

Behind Yann Haute Patisserie


We believe in quality ingredients, presentation, and delivery with personalized customer service. We are environmentally conscious and dedicated to comfortable relationships with our employees, suppliers, and customers, based on mutual respect.


After 3 years to settle all the permits for this project, Yann & Jeraldine Blanchard opened for the first time on December 24th 2009! Thanks to the wonderful neighbours, community members and Calgarians, Yann Haute Patisserie only grew every year to now provide employment to 15 people.

Our team is made of individuals with great energies and from amazing diverse backgrounds. All have wonderful team spirit and have helped make Yann Haute Patisserie a place where it feels like working with family.


Professional Pastry Chef Yann was literally a “little bun in the oven” and grew up in his parent’s bakery/pastry shop until he left to study his passion in Paris.
After 15 years of international experience working in shops, clubs, and hotels, Yann Blanchard now has his very own patisserie.


The Yann Haute Patisserie Boutique

Yes, it is a house!

This house was built in or around 1912. It was a famiy house before being separated into smaller units. A few different professionals even occupied some of the suites over the years. Yann & Jeraldine first met with the owners of the house in 2006. They had recently purshased the building and loved the idea of a little pastry shop. They were incredibly patient and generous during the long months it took to obtain all the permits and renovations! Three long years after, Yann Haute Patisserie was finally able to open its doors for the first time on December 24th 2009.

The pastry shop kept evolving from offering a few different products to having a separate counter with up to 24 macaron flavours everyday!

 Our yard was design and built by SMOL design in early 2015. This was a visualy amazing new layout for the front of the shop.

# yellow house

Community & Press


We love our neighborhood! The Mission area in Calgary is a vibrant and diverse community which feels like a village. There is absolutely all anyone possibly needs. Come down to shop, eat and grab dessert of course!

Businesses in Mission work together and customers can see and feel this cooperation. It was humbling to see how individuals and businesses recovered after the 2013 flood.

Thank you to all our customers from Mission & beyond!


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